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For years our team at Cast Iron Marketing has helped over a thousand business owners improve their websites and their online marketing.  We are excited to be working in the fishing guide industry today, and our size allows us to bring things to the table that most website companies can't offer.

When we decided to start Cast Iron Marketing there were two bedrock principals we wanted to have in place:

  • We would never over hype our system
  • We would limit our clients

Choosing a website provider can be difficult.  You're buying something that you probably don't understand very well.  Our team is here to walk you though everything.  I promise after speaking with us that you'll be in a much better place of understanding.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Mike Hamilton Expert Marketer Signature

Mike Hamilton
Cast Iron Marketing Co-Founder, Marketing Expert

"Dr. Mike Hamilton has helped me tremendously by providing very detailed technical and hands-on marketing strategies. The best part is they are all on his website free of charge. I intend to use the knowledge he has given me to greatly increase business for the small company I work for. Thank you Mike!"

- Dr. Joseph Anglim

Client Case Studies

Dr. Kevin Kemp - Columbus, OH

Dr. Richard Nelson - Moline, IL

Dr. Brad Bourne - Littleton, CO